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    Battle of RHEL5.0 with HP G6

    by  • 3rd March 2010 • post

    So, we got a new hardware for testing our product. Great, finally. To make sure that we test as close to what we consider Live, we have produced a system image with all required software pre-installed. It worked perfectly when we provisioned it on our new dev environment. However this time, we couldn’t get...

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    New Hosting

    by  • 5th January 2010 • post

    A bit of an update on my systems : somewhere in late November 2009 I’ve decided to rent a server with www.serverloft.com … I’m still setting things up there, I’m using VirtualBox to host certain functionalities on separate VMs. So far there are : mta1 for incoming mail, running ESVA , love it! (had...

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    Quake Arena in your web browser

    by  • 7th July 2009 • post

    Arena Live is sooo much better than Quake Live It’s amazing , a while back we heard about Quake Live.  A game, a Quake which you can play for free online. It had a few glitches , hanged a few times, works only on Windows. Still it was some fun. Now, as we know,...

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    Seagate Failure

    by  • 21st March 2009 • post

    It looks like S.M.A.R.T has told me that drive in my server is failing. Actually I’ve noticed that when my NFS server just stopped sharing data from it. Still, it was a bad sign, quick look at logs and clear failure messages. Cool. Short trip to a highstreet shop – Maplin and I’ve grabbed...

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    Munin Plugin for Cherokee monitoring update

    by  • 13th February 2009 • post

    I’ve managed to find some time to get my Cherokee server updated to 0.98.1. BTW, it took a while to have new version appear in the Gentoo portage. Thanks to Alvaro, this update contains improved system_info module, which is now dirt easy to use in Ruby and some other scripting. Using that opportunity I...

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    Baptop gets para virtual and another trie with Nexenta

    by  • 14th September 2008 • Uncategorized

    After doing converting one of my servers (baptop) from a laptop to Virtual Machine on Xen with full virtualization it didn’t work too fast. Virtual environment was too penalizing. It was less reactive and when calling ( it hosts Asterisk for VoIP )  sometime you we could hear each other for a few seconds....

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    Foresight Linux 2

    by  • 15th March 2008 • post

    I have downloaded Foresight Linux 2 with a hope to see some really cool and up to date Linux distribution. Yes, it has GNOME 2.22 which just came out ( was it yesterday ? ) and yes, this is cool. But if you are matured computer user, you have your favourite tools. Naming a...

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    RDP Server for Unix/Linux

    by  • 9th March 2008 • post

    I have just discovered a XRDP , which is a RDPv4 server for Linux/Unix. I am well impressed! Especially that it saves your session  between connections.  Time to incorporate it into my systems.

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    Ubuntu the Mac OS of Linux

    by  • 13th November 2007 • Uncategorized

    This was suppose to be a long post describing the differences and similarities of Linux distributions to other software… But I just want to say that you should have a look at Mac OS and Ubuntu, I’ve notice they are bloody similar in their current market and … ambitions. They are both good on...

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    Linux Gnome ALSA and A2DP Headset

    by  • 3rd November 2007 • post

    After years of consideration I have acquired  a Bluetooth HeadSet – finally something what doesn’t screen rob me. Sound quality is decent! There is one but – outdoor, music source has to really close to your headset , there is shit loads of interferences out the in world. Indoors is perfect, I can roam...

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