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    ReCaptcha not Better

    by  • 16th October 2011 • post

    Oh, I am really sorry, it looks like the “Better ReCAPTCHA” plugin was not really better than “WP – RECAPTCHA” and didn’t display correctly for some time what blocked a few comments reaching me. I’m terribly sorry.  It should work now as I’ve moved back to WP.  In case it breaks don’t hesitate to...

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    What is going on

    by  • 19th July 2010 • post

    Suddenly world around becomes very strange. First Oracle is breaking it’s promise to keep OpenSolaris running. Then BBC Future Media & Technology is announcing more departments relocated from London to North… Now I just received sad news that Wesabe is closing down. So far I see that  IT related stuff is going downhill… However...

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    mobygeek.net moved

    by  • 7th January 2010 • post

    Huh, yesterday I’ve finished moving the mobygeek.net website to my own server. I’ve also removed all picture galleries from the website. Don’t know if I’m going to put them back in , should I ? This move has already fixed some issues with my blog and now it’s running much faster and properly displaying...

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    New Hosting

    by  • 5th January 2010 • post

    A bit of an update on my systems : somewhere in late November 2009 I’ve decided to rent a server with www.serverloft.com … I’m still setting things up there, I’m using VirtualBox to host certain functionalities on separate VMs. So far there are : mta1 for incoming mail, running ESVA , love it! (had...

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    Leaving 1 and 1

    by  • 1st August 2009 • post

    Well, the time has come, I will be leaving my current hosting provider www.1and1.com . Why ? I simply see no value in using hosting providers. I am my self working in that industry and that means I know how it works and stuff and because I have my own servers serving my email,...

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    Ruby on Rails on Maemo 2008 N810

    by  • 16th November 2008 • post

    I’ve been looking to be able to code a bit of RoR while on the go. From a few devices which I have, N810 has the longest battery run time. So… Google gave me a nice How To from Jon Forrent, it talks about N800 but it’s the same. I was trying to do...

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    Firma HRP website

    by  • 1st June 2008 • Uncategorized

    Finally after months I’ve created a vhost on hamerica for hosting Firma HRP website. It no longer shows my munin stats. I’ve even started some consultations on what they wish to have there.

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    Alfresco on Gentoo

    by  • 1st June 2008 • Uncategorized

    I’ve installed alfresco on Gentoo, used Gentoo HOWTO . Only major problem which I encountered was with not finding jdbc MySQL driver. I’ve tried to use script from the HowTo, but it wasn’t working. My Solution was to rebuild jdbc driver ( the script broken it ) ( emerge -av jdbc-mysql ) and then...

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    New Dilbert Website

    by  • 19th April 2008 • Uncategorized

    It looks like Dilbert Website went Web 2.0. It’s back in ˝BETAˇ stage. It’s sad that people think that they need Flash  to display colour cartoon strip on a page. It’s sad that they used a web mastering company which has no clue on what World Wide Web is like and they are blocking...

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    Blog software upgrade

    by  • 23rd January 2008 • Uncategorized

    Grr, hate the Intenet criminals, had to delete old copy of my blog because there was a crack in it. Welcome to an upgraded wordpress!

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