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    Eurotrip 2013

    by  • 15th December 2014 • post

    This was suppose to be published a long time ago 🙂 And I believe it’s incomplete. For last 3 years we have tried to get around Europe in a light aircraft. Finally, this year we can call a success! It was a big challenge to organize, it was a lot of luck, and it...

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    Flying with iPad – how to immobilise it

    by  • 30th May 2012 • post

    I’ve started flying with my iPad properly mounted on my leg. Previously I had it loose in the cockpit, usually in the back pocket of passengers seat. Easily accessible, but not always, as I had to stow it in critical portions of the flight.

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    iPad flying and sceen visibility

    by  • 4th August 2011 • post

    iPad is a great device for flying, however it has one big mishap for cockpit use.  The shiny screen which attracts sun so well that unless properly placed in the cockpit you can see nothing!

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    iPad and Flying in Europe

    by  • 26th July 2011 • post

    For my Euro Trip which I have planned with Ivan Horsky I’ve decided to purchase an iPad 2 to help us with planning and flight tracking. The original idea was that we are going to fly around europe in a PA28 which has just a single GNS430 and having a second GPS/Moving Map device...

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    flightComputer for Nokia

    by  • 13th September 2010 • post

    Just a follow up on all things FlightComputer mobile App which I’ve developed with Qt. Since last week I am battling Nokia Ovi QA team and publisher web interface. Their instructions for publishing for Maemo platform are vague and whenever I submitted my app they returned it with cosmetics: deb categories – which they...

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    Flying and Mobile Apps

    by  • 4th September 2010 • post

    It is a while since I came up with an idea that I should invest some of my time to develop apps for pilots. Naturally, started developing some with me as primary consumer. That’s how very crude version of flightime appeared. It was KISS design, 2 buttons and it was logging my take off...

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    What is going on

    by  • 19th July 2010 • post

    Suddenly world around becomes very strange. First Oracle is breaking it’s promise to keep OpenSolaris running. Then BBC Future Media & Technology is announcing more departments relocated from London to North… Now I just received sad news that Wesabe is closing down. So far I see that  IT related stuff is going downhill… However...

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    Flying Katana in Bautzen

    by  • 26th June 2010 • post

    I’m back from Europe where I had a chance to fly Diamond DA20 Katana. Aircraft is LIGHT! comparing to PA28’s it’s crazy. Bubble canopy also works great and you can see plenty. It was my first encounter with complex aircraft. It has Constant Speed Prop  what means, no throttle but manifold pressure and prop...

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    The Joy of Weather

    by  • 30th May 2010 • post

    My pilot license arrived 2 weeks ago. I was so happy that I will be flying now as a Captain! First weekend, I couldn’t go up in the air, my health was not allowing me ( blocked sinus ). Bugger, that was a blow. So I thought about flying this weekend.

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    PPL Exam Tips

    by  • 30th April 2010 • post

    I’ve passed my PPL Exam and now I’m awaiting to receive the license papers from CAA. My journey to actually have it happen was long and I not always made good decisions. Thanks to this I have some tips for future pilots ( this is a reprint of what I’ve sent to one of...

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