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    ScreenOS with Juniper SSG 20

    by  • 21st May 2009 • post

    I’ve decided that I wish to know some other Network OS than what Cisco can provide. It’s healthy to know more than one environment. I’ve found my self a Juniper SSG 20 which is not that expensive ( comparing to other Juniper stuff , especially brand new ) for training. One thing which I’ve...

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    back to Americas Army and some CIsco ASA install

    by  • 25th March 2008 • post

    I’ve spent most of the long weekend playing games and working. Finally, after around 4 years of having the AA Account ( AAA 🙂 I’ve finished Special Forces training! This gave me access to some neat weaponry in the game. Also unlocked SF exclusive deployments. Most of the time i was playing SF Hospital,...

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    by  • 31st January 2008 • Uncategorized

    Virtualization Due to server hardware refresh coming at work, I am investigating routes which we can take, one of the new ones is going virtual. It has couple of advantages like High Availability, and Fail Over which are very important these days ( users complain if their services are not available 100% ) So...

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    by  • 11th November 2007 • post

    I have started using voip systems something like a 3 years ago. First casual for calling abroad as advised by my former boss I have registered with SipGate. First used it with linphone, later actualy bought a hard phone  the Grandstream GXP2000. It was always fun. Later I have installed Asterisk server for my...

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    Cisco 850 series routers don’t have IPv6 as advertised

    by  • 3rd August 2007 • Uncategorized

    I am in need of replacing a router with a more feature reach model. So I am going to Cisco website, looking for router with all my required features ( wifi, adsl, ipv6 ) and I have found that 857W will do it and it’s not to pricey. Here is a features table which...

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    Fishing routers

    by  • 10th November 2006 • Uncategorized

    Since I have implemented IPv6 in my network, I am suffering from lack of Ethernet – Ethernet router which can do IPv6. It means that my laptop has to stay wired to external/border router and my sharp server is not yet available over IPv6. I am fishing on Ebay for any IPv6 capable router,...

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    by  • 4th November 2006 • Uncategorized

    No problem. Just finished setting up my router with IPv6 over IPv4 tunnel to Hurricane Electric … and it works! and it is amazing how easy it is to do when doing it with Cisco IOS … Linux requires more steps. But … if I wish to make it something permanently fitted in to...

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    Cisco NAT support

    by  • 20th July 2006 • Uncategorized

    I did not known that Cisco routers are spoofing DNS … When I am doing nslookup on external server which returns one of my static external IPs , my router is spoofing it and sends me my internal IP instead of external. Sometimes useful, sometimes not. Freaking surprise !

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    In Absence of Console Cable , N770 strikes back!

    by  • 5th July 2006 • Uncategorized

    Today, I was planing on playing more with my new router, unfortunately I have no console cable ( will arrive tomorrow ) and I was not hardcore enough to upgrade IOS on it. I ended up installing new OS on my Nokia 770 , the 2006 edition. I have not used it for a...

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    Cisco 837 router

    by  • 3rd July 2006 • post

    I have got hold of Cisco 837 router in last few days. Last few days were just one big back to roots learning session, I am still getting used to things, which were not present on routers back in my days at Cisco Network Academy. QoS, Nat were nowhere on my CNA, same goes...

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