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    New Hosting

    by  • 5th January 2010 • post

    A bit of an update on my systems : somewhere in late November 2009 I’ve decided to rent a server with www.serverloft.com … I’m still setting things up there, I’m using VirtualBox to host certain functionalities on separate VMs. So far there are : mta1 for incoming mail, running ESVA , love it! (had...

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    Half of the tour

    by  • 2nd July 2008 • Uncategorized

    It’s the half of my tour in India. I am working about 10-12h a day including Saturdays. It’s hard to get anything done when getting parts or solutions from suppliers takes at least a week. Biggest challenge for our business is actually the quality of Internet networks in India and international connections. We have...

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    Smart phones

    by  • 4th November 2007 • Uncategorized

    I am about to change my E61 for something new. I am looking for something what will not be only new but will has more features as well. So far I have found that : Palm is thinking that Europe loves only Windows Mobile – I don’t! The two of the latest Treos are...

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    New Place

    by  • 22nd October 2007 • post

    About two weeks ago I have moved to a new place. One bedroom flat, no flatmates ! Perfect. Got my phone line sorted in 3 days, just a reconnection no installation fees. ADSL was 4 days later on the line, thanks to really good support from my ISP the AAISP. After a few days...

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    Last month

    by  • 21st July 2007 • Uncategorized

    This is busy period, I am working my ass out and I have not much time for my self. At least I have manage to get a break mid July and I have uploaded some pictures to my, today fixed, gallery When I was on holiday, my broadband supplier ( Black Cat Networks )...

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    Monitoring your systems

    by  • 12th May 2007 • post

    If you ever heard about monitoring systems it was usually some expensive closed source software or the open source package. I have little experience with the first type. For some thoughts about the second type, read more

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    Finally my own Internet Connection

    by  • 11th February 2007 • Uncategorized

    After weeks without proper Internet connection at home I got it and I went for the best! I have Black Cat Networks ADSL line, more expensive that this cheap no customer service consumer broadbands. But it has everything what you can imagine. Static IPv4, own subnet in IPv4 if you wish and my favorite...

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    Welcome to 11111010111

    by  • 24th January 2007 • Uncategorized

    Load of changes to my world after I came back from my Xmax/New Years break. Mainly at work, where I was welcomed with sad news. And since then I was working hard and preparing and preparing… My Internet connection is patchy at home, the only way to get to the Internet is thru my...

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    Nokia E61

    by  • 15th December 2006 • Uncategorized

    Recently I bought a Nokia E61 with contract from T-Mobile. Contract is a specific one, gives you unlimited(except you can’t use it with a laptop or to make VoIP calls ) access to the Internet from your phone. I love this bundle, really nice device ( I don’t even miss touch screen ) and...

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    Fishing routers

    by  • 10th November 2006 • Uncategorized

    Since I have implemented IPv6 in my network, I am suffering from lack of Ethernet – Ethernet router which can do IPv6. It means that my laptop has to stay wired to external/border router and my sharp server is not yet available over IPv6. I am fishing on Ebay for any IPv6 capable router,...

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