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    2nd weekend in a row

    by  • 1st February 2009 • Uncategorized

    So it’s second weekend in a row when I’m working. This weekend it was setting up some video streaming platform for one of my company projects, very nice short nice and words like “we gonna get screwed if it doesn’t work by Monday”. Now, just can’t wait for Friday, hopefully my flight will not...

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    AirShow rox!

    by  • 23rd July 2006 • Uncategorized

    I was just amazed by this years Farnborough International Airshow. Taking off fighter jet ( I believe it was Hornet ) seen/heard from around 100m is stunning. Some Photos

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    Open Office usage

    by  • 12th June 2006 • Uncategorized

    Ania is writing a dissertation. She knows nothing about text editing, they never taught it in her university. When I had questionable pleasure of being asked how to do something in OpenOffice every five minutes, I have asked her if she can send the file over to me, and I will create some styles...

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    Last few days

    by  • 23rd May 2006 • Uncategorized

    I have had a bad Saturday, due to food poisoning. I was sleeping for whole day on sat. Sunday, with just uncomfy feeling I’ve spent day on shopping ( just food – sometimes happens ) and watching movies. Tried to watch Oliver Twist, but it did not keep me for long. Then I’ve seen...

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    by  • 26th March 2006 • Uncategorized

    So, this Saturday was kind of OK. In the morning I’ve went to the Mall and bought some food, and DVDs ( The Score – medium , Fight Club – really interesting , KungFu Hustle – really entertaining ) and watched afternoon all of ‘em. After movies session got something to eat ( some...

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    Last weekend

    by  • 22nd November 2005 • Uncategorized

    Had a longer weekend , started on Thursday afternoon by picking Ann from Airport. Good relaxing weekend, not good that it was short… but time passes fast when you enjoy it. Today busy… with leftovers from Gareth , with out notice … sorted, and after that got to code some stuff in c#/mono: stuck...

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    by  • 15th November 2005 • Uncategorized

    Whole weekend, 10-22 saturday and 11-23 sunday working, moving to new colo. Where is mine weekend ?!

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    by  • 29th March 2005 • Uncategorized

    Up really early (about 10 ), shower, and went to Carolines Party 😉 Had a good time with a married couples 😉 Went home, on a way almost falling asleep. Watched S&tC so I can catchup on ‘women behaviour’ it’s too late, so instead of sleeping I’m reading news.

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    Longer weekend

    by  • 25th March 2005 • Uncategorized

    Or for somebody it’s Holiday , Easter. So thanks to that I have Friday, and Monday free. Just cleaned up my room, so it is not looking like a garbage. Lately I’ve got Kens old laptop, and now, I’m trying to make some use of it. Main responsibilities for this machine are, VoIP, and...

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    Ben, Phone, Cinema

    by  • 20th March 2005 • Uncategorized

    Ben is leaving for Bonn next weekend 🙁 Yeah, another friend going out of London. Not good… Yesterdays afternoon all spent with Ben. 🙂 We went for sushi 🙂 and also had a Bento Box (IIRC) 🙂 Good, I was surprised that I can have a raw fish :), when I really do not...

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