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    Ansible Module Development – parameters

    by  • 16th February 2016 • post

    Some time ago, I have started writing a lot of ansible modules. As well as started providing  lightweight docker image. Things like Marathon, Chronos, or Consul needed love, which I given them. Quite recently I have been tasked to work on Azure platform and I have noticed that it will again need my love....

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    flightComputer Update

    by  • 29th June 2011 • post

    I’ve updated the flight computer to version 1.0.2. It irons out issues with incorrect ground speed reported. If you have not seen version 1 before it also features dynamically updating fields, no more clicking “calculate” to get the numbers. I can’t remember if I’ve released before version with working distance to time converter, well...

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    flightComputer for Nokia

    by  • 13th September 2010 • post

    Just a follow up on all things FlightComputer mobile App which I’ve developed with Qt. Since last week I am battling Nokia Ovi QA team and publisher web interface. Their instructions for publishing for Maemo platform are vague and whenever I submitted my app they returned it with cosmetics: deb categories – which they...

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    Flying and Mobile Apps

    by  • 4th September 2010 • post

    It is a while since I came up with an idea that I should invest some of my time to develop apps for pilots. Naturally, started developing some with me as primary consumer. That’s how very crude version of flightime appeared. It was KISS design, 2 buttons and it was logging my take off...

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    new QT and Flying with Maemo N900

    by  • 21st January 2010 • post

    It’s amazing. My love for flying and computers is starting to have it’s children. I’m kinda inventive and lazy guy. When I can automate something, I don’t bother to do it. This is very annoying when I’m flying. Especially annoying when I have to recall some details. Some of these details are … Takeoff...

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    Ruby Net:Ftp file upload stalled

    by  • 27th April 2009 • post

    I have recently discovered that my Ruby hooks for SVN which I use as a post-commit to upload new revision to FTP server are hanging. It looked very strange , first file was nicely uploaded but the second was stalled. During debugging process I’ve discovered that any command after STOR is ignored and hanging....

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    Some more

    by  • 18th January 2009 • post

    All that festive time is gone. Finally. Craze at work is also stabilizing. Some more of Randolph Lalonde I’ve bought the FirstLight – Omnibus and as Spinwardfringe, it kept me glued to the screen. I really like your work, keep them coming! You can get Freeground on Amazon now. Some more of coding I...

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    Munin Cherokee plugin

    by  • 7th December 2008 • post

    Looked around to find out if there is one already and I couldn’t find any. I’ve created a multifunctional plugin for Munin for monitoring Cherokee server. DOWNLOAD HERE It’s written in Ruby. So far I can confirm that it’s compatible with Munin 1.3.4 and Cherokee 0.11.3 on Gentoo. It gets data from the server_info...

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    Ruby on Rails on Maemo 2008 N810

    by  • 16th November 2008 • post

    I’ve been looking to be able to code a bit of RoR while on the go. From a few devices which I have, N810 has the longest battery run time. So… Google gave me a nice How To from Jon Forrent, it talks about N800 but it’s the same. I was trying to do...

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    Xeons, Rails and some DVDs

    by  • 26th June 2006 • Uncategorized

    So new Xeons are almost out. Can not wait until more price drops, as I need a server. I have obtained Agile Web Development with Rails β version as a PDF and now spending most of my time swallowing it… almost last weekend I have spent on CSI: Miami and a History of violence,...

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