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    RDP Server for Unix/Linux

    by  • 9th March 2008 • post

    I have just discovered a XRDP , which is a RDPv4 server for Linux/Unix. I am well impressed! Especially that it saves your session  between connections.  Time to incorporate it into my systems.

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    Linux Gnome ALSA and A2DP Headset

    by  • 3rd November 2007 • post

    After years of consideration I have acquired  a Bluetooth HeadSet – finally something what doesn’t screen rob me. Sound quality is decent! There is one but – outdoor, music source has to really close to your headset , there is shit loads of interferences out the in world. Indoors is perfect, I can roam...

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    My Laptop Battery

    by  • 29th July 2007 • Uncategorized

    After 2½ years my laptop battery is at â…œ of it’s capacity .. what is a pity. Time to start saving for a new laptop 🙂 Looking at the market it didn’t change much. Maybe I will get another Vaio .  UX, TZ and G series look good for extreme ultra portables and SZ...

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    Fancy Linux desktop aka AIGLX

    by  • 12th November 2006 • Uncategorized

    When I was performing emerge  -ud world recently on my vaptop, I have noticed that the new xorg server, which was to be installed has a new USE flag, the aiglx … quick ^C and edit on /etc/make.conf has switched that feature on. After updating system, I’ve added compiz to my installed software collection,...

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    by  • 2nd September 2006 • post

    I have a huge back log with sharing info . Enjoy some of the photos from Bowling night outing with On-line team at the end of August. I will try to find time and will to put more on the web , but when it comes to photos, my F-Spot is broken ( due...

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    by  • 7th May 2006 • post

    Following some post on the web, I was interested in munin. After some fights with perl, and almost giving up! Got it somehow working on my home server. Which recently was as well relieved from routing packets 😉 thanks to my new Linksys WRT54g. Munin is prety good tool for graphs. It is using...

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    Playing with my still cam

    by  • 31st August 2005 • Uncategorized

    When bored I’m doing strange stuff. Just minutes ago, I’ve tested my camera “magnifier mode”. This mode is impressive! It’s much much better than macro mode, as far as I can see. This is my(Sony VGN-S2) laptops TFT screen , it’s 13.3“ , and has a 1280×800 resolution, taken with my cam :

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    Linux on Kens Laptop

    by  • 22nd March 2005 • Uncategorized

    First attempt failed … I haven’t checked if the cds were burned correctly… grr Gonna take it to work tomorrow, and install it there , from one of the working CDs

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    by  • 18th March 2005 • Uncategorized

    I’ve switched to Firefox on my laptop. It’s due to fact is I’m not using any other Mozilla suite component in here, than Navigator. Due to that I had to say good bye to my last LiveJournal entry tool, and say hello to LogJam… which for now is OK 🙂 Also I’ve managed to...

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    New Laptop …

    by  • 12th December 2004 • Uncategorized

    Got it 😀 maybe some day I’ll release some photos. Now just goggle for s2hp sony vaio laptop 🙂 to see what I have. Yesterday was a good conversation with my boss(in a pub), and on a way back home called Ann, yes, expensive, but she is worth it ;). Today celebrating with Mark...

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