• Baptop gets para virtual and another trie with Nexenta

    by  • 14th September 2008 • Uncategorized

    After doing converting one of my servers (baptop) from a laptop to Virtual Machine on Xen with full virtualization it didn’t work too fast. Virtual environment was too penalizing. It was less reactive and when calling ( it hosts Asterisk for VoIP )  sometime you we could hear each other for a few seconds.

    Now, after failed play with Nexenta Core and Xen DomU, I decided to have a go at para virtualizing the baptop. After a few kernel versions and config files … it works. Still without console but works. Great!

    I really wanna try that Debian on Solaris kernel called Nexenta. Unfortunately it looks that it can’t do DomU and ZFS_ROOT at the same time. I have filled a bug report with Nexenta.