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    IPv6 since

    by  • 31st May 2011 • post

    Since I blogged about test IPv6 website I’ve actually subscribed to the RSS feed of validated sites. It does couple of things …

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    Test your site for IPv6

    by  • 28th May 2011 • post

    I’ve found a nice website  to use for testing IPv6 from where you are, as well as verifying IPv6 for your servers. Very useful to double check if your server firewall rules don’t cut if off. It’s http://ipv6-test.com/ , however I can’t see anywhere who is running that page.

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    IPv6 Geo Location Database

    by  • 7th May 2010 • post

    Would you like to be able to pinpoint where are IPv6 visitors coming from , just like with IPv4 ones ? Well, I wanted and I have created an IPv6 Geolocation database.  It holds Country code for every IPv6 subnet which was available on BGP last weekend. I am going to update it every...

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    Leaving 1 and 1

    by  • 1st August 2009 • post

    Well, the time has come, I will be leaving my current hosting provider www.1and1.com . Why ? I simply see no value in using hosting providers. I am my self working in that industry and that means I know how it works and stuff and because I have my own servers serving my email,...

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    Quake Arena in your web browser

    by  • 7th July 2009 • post

    Arena Live is sooo much better than Quake Live It’s amazing , a while back we heard about Quake Live.  A game, a Quake which you can play for free online. It had a few glitches , hanged a few times, works only on Windows. Still it was some fun. Now, as we know,...

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    Google over IPv6 Revised

    by  • 2nd April 2009 • Uncategorized

    Last time I wrote about experimenting with forcing www.google.com to run over IPv6. After some use I’ve notice that it’s breaking a lot of stuff, including YouTube and feeds from ArsTechnica. I’ve looked a bit dipper and it looks like only www.l.google.com has IPv6 working. To make things easier, I’ve dropped whole google.com and...

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    www.google.com over IPv6

    by  • 30th March 2009 • post

    As some of the people know Google has an IPv6 only site but it’s kinda limited. They also claim that their www.google.com can be supported over IPv6 , it’s just that they have a scheme for ISPs to enroll to get AAAA records released to their DNS servers. Now when you are using your...

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    IPv6 uptake on BT

    by  • 16th March 2009 • Uncategorized

    I’m an IPv6 user. I also, from time to time, use BitTorrent. I was really surprised when I was downloading something recently. Surprise came from the number of IPv6 peers which I was connected to. About 10 of them IIRC. It’s great to see that I’m not the only one who has IPv6 enabled...

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    VirtualBox and Sun Unified Storage

    by  • 1st February 2009 • post

    A glimpse of VirtualBox and Sun Unified Storage Simulator. SUSS looks good, Only problem I had was with IPv6, donno if it was due to VBox or SUSS but when I’ve set a static IPv6 it was crashing the interface. Other than that, good stuff, will need to test both products more.

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