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    It clicks!

    by  • 21st October 2016 • post

    Ater few weeks of building my form back to use my 32lb limbs with a bit less shake, I decided it’s time to try to shoot with a clicker again. As my old one has incompatible fitting, I have bought a Beiter. I love it. My groups went from this To arrow shattering

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    Goldtip ultralight arrows

    by  • 12th October 2016 • post

    After deciding that 600 shaft Pro arrows are a bit too stiff for my bow. I have ordered regular Ultralights in 700 shaft. The  new decal looks awesome. Hope they are going to fly better off my bow. Started assembly, they have pin nock adapters installed already. I use teflon tape over the hole...

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    Shooting bricks with Carbon Arrow

    by  • 11th October 2016 • post

    Foolishly though that bare bow at 4 meters, I can’t miss the target bag. Indeed, I can, that’s what Goldtip Ultralight Pro looks after being shot at a red brick. It is pretty, but maybe an inch too short for me now.

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    Broken Finger Sling

    by  • 9th October 2016 • post

    Yesterday, I was shooting with my new looped sling. It looked like that Notice clear plastic shrink wrap, under the plastic the sling end is glued with some adhesive. After 30 ends that adhesive let go and my bow went tumbling down on the floor. Sad and painful moment. I was thinking about going...

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    Ansible Module Development – parameters

    by  • 16th February 2016 • post

    Some time ago, I have started writing a lot of ansible modules. As well as started providing  lightweight docker image. Things like Marathon, Chronos, or Consul needed love, which I given them. Quite recently I have been tasked to work on Azure platform and I have noticed that it will again need my love....

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    Missing Jets at NW

    by  • 22nd August 2015 • post

    I have been today at my airfield, with Ania. When we drove in via perimeter road, I remarked: “hey, look the hunter is out”. It was sitting on a tarmac getting ready for startup. Had a curious look around the cockpit, not seeing the pilot. When we got to the squadron, Ania went about...

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    Eurotrip 2013

    by  • 15th December 2014 • post

    This was suppose to be published a long time ago 🙂 And I believe it’s incomplete. For last 3 years we have tried to get around Europe in a light aircraft. Finally, this year we can call a success! It was a big challenge to organize, it was a lot of luck, and it...

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    Persistent sequential Puppet

    by  • 19th February 2013 • post

    How damn annoying it is to try to get puppet agent to run in a predictable manner, not overloading master server. Scenario : puppet agent gets to run every X minutes, we use cron to fire it up ( puppet agent –onetime ) cron is managed by puppet, naturally Now if you do lets...

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    Flying with iPad – how to immobilise it

    by  • 30th May 2012 • post

    I’ve started flying with my iPad properly mounted on my leg. Previously I had it loose in the cockpit, usually in the back pocket of passengers seat. Easily accessible, but not always, as I had to stow it in critical portions of the flight.

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    ReCaptcha not Better

    by  • 16th October 2011 • post

    Oh, I am really sorry, it looks like the “Better ReCAPTCHA” plugin was not really better than “WP – RECAPTCHA” and didn’t display correctly for some time what blocked a few comments reaching me. I’m terribly sorry.  It should work now as I’ve moved back to WP.  In case it breaks don’t hesitate to...

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