• Quake Arena in your web browser

    by  • 7th July 2009 • post

    Arena Live is sooo much better than Quake Live

    It’s amazing , a while back we heard about Quake Live.  A game, a Quake which you can play for free online. It had a few glitches , hanged a few times, works only on Windows. Still it was some fun.

    Now, as we know, id software has opensources the Q3 engine. So why not create an Open Source equivalent to proprietary Quake Live.

    I think, this is how Arena Live came to life.

    Arena Live is free, open source and very much playable( even if they say it’s in Alpha stage). What really got my attention is the main platform for it’s development.  Not Windows, not Mac (they will come later), but Linux is the first one with a working client available.

    Second thing what surprised me is that it’s IPv6 enabled – It’s the first game I ever played over IPv6.

    All you oldschool Quake fans, join the game and we may even have a match.