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    Work keeps me busy

    by  • 18th October 2008 • Uncategorized

    As you have noticed I had a long drop in posts… work keeps me so busy that I have no desire to do anything else. Last 2-3 week were particularly intense, I was implementing company wide VoIP based on Asterisk and Linksys phones.  Still stuff left to polish… Now BT thinks I’m a telcoms...

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    Asterisk Now

    by  • 8th March 2008 • Uncategorized

    Recently I have decided to try out well regarded Asterisk Now distribution. I’ve used 1.0.1 version. I was thinking that it will be well integrated, user friendly Linux distribution for getting your PBX up. Initially I was happy with what I have found. It’s Asterisk part was just working. Then I have actually started...

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    by  • 11th November 2007 • post

    I have started using voip systems something like a 3 years ago. First casual for calling abroad as advised by my former boss I have registered with SipGate. First used it with linphone, later actualy bought a hard phone  the Grandstream GXP2000. It was always fun. Later I have installed Asterisk server for my...

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    Smart phones

    by  • 4th November 2007 • Uncategorized

    I am about to change my E61 for something new. I am looking for something what will not be only new but will has more features as well. So far I have found that : Palm is thinking that Europe loves only Windows Mobile – I don’t! The two of the latest Treos are...

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    On Asterisk and On VPN

    by  • 25th June 2007 • Uncategorized

    Loads of stuff, happens now. I have setup an Asterisk installation on my server, it is still work in progress and so far, I love it! Why I didn’t checked it out earlier? So far, I have a few SIP users, and a few PSTN gateways in different countries. Started by reading the free...

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    E61 Internet Telephone hanging

    by  • 19th February 2007 • post

    I am experiencing problems with my beloved E61. I used to connect to my company wireless network and then login to my VoIP account thanks to my STUN hack. Now I have discovered that whenever I am walking away from the range of WiFi , phone disconnects but leaves Internet phone running. When Internet...

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    E61 and STUN

    by  • 31st January 2007 • Uncategorized

    If you have an E61 and upgraded it to latest firmware so you could use VoIP behind firewall. You have discovered that it ain’t so easy as there is no manual setting for firewall traversing. Do not throw your phone at that wall yet! NAT traversing is only settable by remote provisioning ( you...

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    Nokia E61

    by  • 15th December 2006 • Uncategorized

    Recently I bought a Nokia E61 with contract from T-Mobile. Contract is a specific one, gives you unlimited(except you can’t use it with a laptop or to make VoIP calls ) access to the Internet from your phone. I love this bundle, really nice device ( I don’t even miss touch screen ) and...

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    In Absence of Console Cable , N770 strikes back!

    by  • 5th July 2006 • Uncategorized

    Today, I was planing on playing more with my new router, unfortunately I have no console cable ( will arrive tomorrow ) and I was not hardcore enough to upgrade IOS on it. I ended up installing new OS on my Nokia 770 , the 2006 edition. I have not used it for a...

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    Cisco 837 router

    by  • 3rd July 2006 • post

    I have got hold of Cisco 837 router in last few days. Last few days were just one big back to roots learning session, I am still getting used to things, which were not present on routers back in my days at Cisco Network Academy. QoS, Nat were nowhere on my CNA, same goes...

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