• New Hosting

    by  • 5th January 2010 • post

    A bit of an update on my systems : somewhere in late November 2009 I’ve decided to rent a server with www.serverloft.com

    I’m still setting things up there, I’m using VirtualBox to host certain functionalities on separate VMs.

    So far there are :

    • mta1 for incoming mail, running ESVA , love it! (had experience built with that when Importing to VBox)
    • web1 for web sites hosting, running Cherokee!

    Still need to get my VPN concentrator, Asterisk, Mail Storage moved there from other systems. Not forgetting move my mobygeek.net site as well!

    This will allow me to drop my VM in US, as well as remove some of the services from my home server as my Internet access from home is rubbish in a new place.