• Seagate Failure

    by  • 21st March 2009 • post

    It looks like S.M.A.R.T has told me that drive in my server is failing. Actually I’ve noticed that when my NFS server just stopped sharing data from it. Still, it was a bad sign, quick look at logs and clear failure messages. Cool.

    Short trip to a highstreet shop – Maplin and I’ve grabbed a 1TB Hitachi ( I will never buy Seagate again ). I’ve picked up an Air Duster and 12cm fan as well just as I was there. Fan is for my new PC to keep disks cool.

    Open the server, loads and loads of dust, Air Duster gets to work ( someone will kill me as it all came out and dispersed in a nice clean living room ). Swapping the drives. Starting the server.

    It takes a bit longer for the server to startup as it was not restarted in ages and all timers told it to rescan all systems properly this time.

    Starting Solaris … and my volume with missing disk is … OK … weird. Started zfs scrub on it , just to make sure. Finally it found out that it’s missing a copy, volume is degraded. zfs replace and the rebuild starts, tells me it will be an hour to mirror 750GB back on a new drive.

    Now this failure got me thinking if I should replace my VM Host , it’s currently OpenSuse 10 with ancient version of Xen.

    I’m wondering if I should put an ESX hypervisor or something else. Certainly my experience with ESX is that it’s rubbish at storage management. I am leaning towards OpenSolaris as it has a selection of hypervisors and storage management just proven to be a breeze.

    Will see …