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    Up in the Air movie

    by  • 19th January 2010 • post

    I have been to the cinema yesterday to see Up In The Air movie. I have just this to say : It’s brilliant and I will encourage all my peers to see it. Sooo good and real!

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    Iron man

    by  • 3rd May 2008 • Uncategorized

    It’s cool and funny 🙂 Really recommented if you like comic/super hero stuff.

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    by  • 30th March 2008 • Uncategorized

    So, a whole day spent on watching movies, First went Rambo 4, then Jumper, after that 27 Dresses and finished with The Golden Compass. What a marathon! Rambo took a while to start some actual action, jumper was too teenagy, 27 Dresses was actually funny and the golden compass was average.

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    Rambo camera

    by  • 30th March 2008 • Uncategorized

    Hey, I’ve just watched the latest Rambo, and I’ve found a nice camera. on Included picture.  

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    Little entertainment

    by  • 1st October 2007 • Uncategorized

    I’m kinda tired and overworked recently, needed a break from reality. Games were not good enough as they were annoying my partner. Bought my self a season of House and it works! Nice break from reality and my partner likes it as well. Time for another dose of my treatment… BTW PowerDVD sucks …...

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    BB eclipse to cat and city of many

    by  • 25th September 2006 • Uncategorized

    My ISP is driving me crazy … There was a 5 min power outage in Telehouse on Sunday afternoon , and they did not have my connection working properly until today late afternoon … crap I’m starting to contemplate if I should request a change to Black Cat for ( I hope ) better...

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    Sysloging as rehab

    by  • 20th September 2006 • post

    Finally after I’ve finished my stash of CSI episodes I was able to do some good. First thing after break, my attention caught by my logging system.

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    Xeons, Rails and some DVDs

    by  • 26th June 2006 • Uncategorized

    So new Xeons are almost out. Can not wait until more price drops, as I need a server. I have obtained Agile Web Development with Rails β version as a PDF and now spending most of my time swallowing it… almost last weekend I have spent on CSI: Miami and a History of violence,...

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    Last few days

    by  • 23rd May 2006 • Uncategorized

    I have had a bad Saturday, due to food poisoning. I was sleeping for whole day on sat. Sunday, with just uncomfy feeling I’ve spent day on shopping ( just food – sometimes happens ) and watching movies. Tried to watch Oliver Twist, but it did not keep me for long. Then I’ve seen...

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    Movie Night!

    by  • 17th May 2006 • Uncategorized

    Started with Inside Man, which appears to be much much nicer than I have expected. I have been told that it is crap, while it really was high. Not talking about Denzel Washington, but Clive Owen, who performed really well. Denzel, his role was not so bright… Finished with Underground 2. After watching Inside...

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