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    My Solaris experience … so far

    by  • 28th September 2006 • post

    Solaris … The operating system… I have a server, test server at work, with Solaris 10 6/06 on it and I am playing with it. ZFS, no problem, really great thing spanning across 4 drives with raidz(or zraid) , yam. Zones or how some write, containers. Also great thingy. Containing different functionality on a...

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    Sysloging as rehab

    by  • 20th September 2006 • post

    Finally after I’ve finished my stash of CSI episodes I was able to do some good. First thing after break, my attention caught by my logging system.

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    GLX problem fixed

    by  • 9th September 2006 • Uncategorized

    Last time I wrote that there was a problem with my GLX support. It is past now. Looked in to xorg logs and I have found that it is trying to access /usr/lib/dri/atiogl_a_dri.so library and it failing. Quick look in to /usr/lib/dri showed me that yes, this files was missing. Files which were present...

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    by  • 2nd September 2006 • post

    I have a huge back log with sharing info . Enjoy some of the photos from Bowling night outing with On-line team at the end of August. I will try to find time and will to put more on the web , but when it comes to photos, my F-Spot is broken ( due...

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    Exim and Dovecot

    by  • 20th July 2006 • Uncategorized

    I am reminding my self about Exim and getting to know Dovecot. These are Mail Daemons. Exim MTU which I have used in 3rd version, now in 4th is a stranger for me… at least for now. Dovecot , and especially its IMAP server is a new thing to me and I am trying...

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    In Absence of Console Cable , N770 strikes back!

    by  • 5th July 2006 • Uncategorized

    Today, I was planing on playing more with my new router, unfortunately I have no console cable ( will arrive tomorrow ) and I was not hardcore enough to upgrade IOS on it. I ended up installing new OS on my Nokia 770 , the 2006 edition. I have not used it for a...

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    xf86-video-ati driver

    by  • 12th June 2006 • Uncategorized

    I have re-enabled dri in my X11 configuration. Scrolling through pages is smooth again! Great stuff! It was the most annoying thing for me. An now I can play Video with XVideo what saves a lot of CPU time.

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    by  • 11th June 2006 • post

    I just do not like when perfectly working system is “upgraded” to not working. Today I have upgraded my X.org X11 to 7.1 and … my Fglrx drivers stopped working. Does not matter which version, it just does not work due to binary incompatibility between modules and X11. crap! I had to merge f86-video-ati...

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    Flock 0.7 disappoints

    by  • 7th June 2006 • Uncategorized

    You would expect to not loose, but gain more features right ? Not with flock, available for Linux is a step back. What was wrong with Semi-Live Bookmarks, that is a crucial feature when I am choosing a web browser … and you have removed it! what for… That move just cancelled all...

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