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    Ansible Module Development – parameters

    by  • 16th February 2016 • post

    Some time ago, I have started writing a lot of ansible modules. As well as started providing  lightweight docker image. Things like Marathon, Chronos, or Consul needed love, which I given them. Quite recently I have been tasked to work on Azure platform and I have noticed that it will again need my love....

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    Still for the public

    by  • 28th February 2011 • post

    So … it looks like I’m still working for BBC ( and this is my personal blog and opinions are mine not BBC ). Donno how log but hey, cuts will for sure affect me here.

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    Working for the BBC

    by  • 12th October 2009 • post

    It looks like the fortune has turned to me and I’ve got a job at BBC World Service Future Media. Doing Unix systems only, no MS. So far, I love it!

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    Down with Atticmedia

    by  • 29th September 2009 • post

    It was amazing 4 years of my professional life, working with Atticmedia. I had inspiring colleagues and great managers, they have became my great friends.  However since the takeover by BDP and new way of management, the company was on a way down.

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    A-Bike for a new office

    by  • 9th May 2009 • post

    Over the last 2 weeks we were moving our offices to Aldwych. Atticmedia has moved from Islington and BDP moved from London Bridge. This move has changed my commute route. Now I have to travel to the centre of London. On the Tube or bus this will be unpleasant. Recently, Boris ( the Mayor...

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    Work keeps me busy

    by  • 18th October 2008 • Uncategorized

    As you have noticed I had a long drop in posts… work keeps me so busy that I have no desire to do anything else. Last 2-3 week were particularly intense, I was implementing company wide VoIP based on Asterisk and Linksys phones.  Still stuff left to polish… Now BT thinks I’m a telcoms...

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    Half of the tour

    by  • 2nd July 2008 • Uncategorized

    It’s the half of my tour in India. I am working about 10-12h a day including Saturdays. It’s hard to get anything done when getting parts or solutions from suppliers takes at least a week. Biggest challenge for our business is actually the quality of Internet networks in India and international connections. We have...

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    Half around the world

    by  • 23rd June 2008 • Uncategorized

    So, I’m a bit busy now. I am developing bigger team to support IT services for Atticmedia and the whole BDP Media Group. Current location, India. The Atticmedia India is big enough to have their own IT staff. I am responsible for training of the staff and in the mean time, of my stay...

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    by  • 31st January 2008 • Uncategorized

    Virtualization Due to server hardware refresh coming at work, I am investigating routes which we can take, one of the new ones is going virtual. It has couple of advantages like High Availability, and Fail Over which are very important these days ( users complain if their services are not available 100% ) So...

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