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    LinuxWorld Expo UK 2004

    by  • 10th October 2004 • Uncategorized

    Hey it’s high time to write something about it. I was too lazy to do it earlier. I went to the LWEU’04 at 11am or 10, i don’t remember now ;). So thanks to the Tube, I was there at 12. My first tought was “oh, my, smaller than infosystem :(“. But after that...

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    Linux Expo UK 2004

    by  • 2nd October 2004 • Uncategorized

    Thanks to LONIX I will not miss that expo, and big thank for that notice about free entrance, so now I can do it without spending money. A little history of expos which I’ve visited : – infosystem 2001 – infosystem 2002 – infosystem 2003 as you see, not much, and all based in...

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    Music Player done

    by  • 17th August 2004 • Uncategorized

    not in 100% but close 😉 http://www.mobygeek.net/tmp/mpltyl.jpg as you see there are no buttons 😉 and thats all… there is linux slackware 9.1 on CF card 32MiB es1371 sound card and PCI ne2000 NETWork card with 24 MiB of RAM, and 120MHz Pentium 😉 HD44780 2×16 LCD display 🙂 and CPU usage on 30-40%...

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    by  • 5th August 2004 • Uncategorized

    Again no news… i was busy 🙂 making MusicPlayer Box, based on Pentium 120MHz, 24MB of RAM, a CompactFlash Card as a HDD, Operating system is… LINUX 😉 with MPD as a player 🙂 media source is network server foto : http://www.mobygeek.net/tmp/musicplayer.jpeg with out case, which I have to finish

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    goin to bed

    by  • 17th June 2004 • Uncategorized

    I should go to bed and sleep, but i don’t want to. I think that i want to reprogram my natural time and sleep less than 6h 🙂 but now I have 2.6.7 kernel to setup 🙂

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    Report ;)

    by  • 15th June 2004 • Uncategorized

    I think that I’ll pass the security exam, I’ve extra point for activity on lectures. 🙂 Tommorow is an exam on business plan, I hope that I’ll do it much better than the e-business. Ah, and I almost forgoten, I’ve setup apache on laptop to test it, befor gettin job with it, smiling stupidly...

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