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    Flying and Mobile Apps

    by  • 4th September 2010 • post

    It is a while since I came up with an idea that I should invest some of my time to develop apps for pilots. Naturally, started developing some with me as primary consumer. That’s how very crude version of flightime appeared. It was KISS design, 2 buttons and it was logging my take off...

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    RDP Server for Unix/Linux

    by  • 9th March 2008 • post

    I have just discovered a XRDP , which is a RDPv4 server for Linux/Unix. I am well impressed! Especially that it saves your session  between connections.  Time to incorporate it into my systems.

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    Ubuntu the Mac OS of Linux

    by  • 13th November 2007 • Uncategorized

    This was suppose to be a long post describing the differences and similarities of Linux distributions to other software… But I just want to say that you should have a look at Mac OS and Ubuntu, I’ve notice they are bloody similar in their current market and … ambitions. They are both good on...

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    Just a gaming PC

    by  • 10th September 2007 • Uncategorized

    Bought a PC, for gaming. Yap, a Dell Vostro 200. I’m running MS Vista and playing games on it. It will have Linux in about a month, when I will get bored of games for next 5 years. So far, I am enjoying the world of computing where legitimate users have more trouble running...

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    Monitoring your systems

    by  • 12th May 2007 • post

    If you ever heard about monitoring systems it was usually some expensive closed source software or the open source package. I have little experience with the first type. For some thoughts about the second type, read more

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    Domains for administrators

    by  • 29th March 2007 • post

    Lets say you have a dozen of servers. Lets say you connect to them very often to do some work. You have a very nice and descriptive domain for all your servers. Domain is organized nicely organized. Now you wish to connect to one of the servers. You are typing ssh mylovelyserver.somesubdomain.mylovelylongdomain.tld How much...

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    Music sorted thanks to HP MV

    by  • 27th February 2007 • Uncategorized

    After many years … yes, years, I’ve sort of sorted my music 🙂 Still have to get rest of my collection from Poland but it’s good. Also a friend shared some nice soul with me, THX! it’s cool hot. It appears that my recent purchase ( the HP Media Vault ) was a great...

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    E61 and STUN

    by  • 31st January 2007 • Uncategorized

    If you have an E61 and upgraded it to latest firmware so you could use VoIP behind firewall. You have discovered that it ain’t so easy as there is no manual setting for firewall traversing. Do not throw your phone at that wall yet! NAT traversing is only settable by remote provisioning ( you...

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    SVN auto publishing to Windows servers

    by  • 10th November 2006 • post

    I need to setup a system which uses SVN for storing ‘website’ revisions and automatically updates live/review/development systems whenever there is commit. Adding a little bit of complication each server is updated from different branch. If website serving boxes would be any kind of UNIX, this post would not exist… way too easy. Web...

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    Open Office usage

    by  • 12th June 2006 • Uncategorized

    Ania is writing a dissertation. She knows nothing about text editing, they never taught it in her university. When I had questionable pleasure of being asked how to do something in OpenOffice every five minutes, I have asked her if she can send the file over to me, and I will create some styles...

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