• Linux Gnome ALSA and A2DP Headset

    by  • 3rd November 2007 • post

    After years of consideration I have acquired  a Bluetooth HeadSet – finally something what doesn’t screen rob me.

    Sound quality is decent! There is one but – outdoor, music source has to really close to your headset , there is shit loads of interferences out the in world. Indoors is perfect, I can roam around whole flat without loosing signal.

    I have hooked it up to my E61 which does not do stereo and it shit ( good it’s my last month of a contract ) .

    I have hooked it up to my Music Player the StormBlue A9+ which I had for a while and until yesterday I was disappointed with it  – now I love it, it works with my headset perfectly.

    I have also connected it to my computer at home and now I am about to connect it at home. It’s dirt easy – thanks to Audio Devices How To from BlueZ

    btw headset is Motorola S9