• In Absence of Console Cable , N770 strikes back!

    by  • 5th July 2006 • Uncategorized

    Today, I was planing on playing more with my new router, unfortunately I have no console cable ( will arrive tomorrow ) and I was not hardcore enough to upgrade IOS on it.

    I ended up installing new OS on my Nokia 770 , the 2006 edition. I have not used it for a while and I have not looked in to software repositories for it, for very very long time.

    As many portals cover what it comes with ( the new 2006 edition ) they tend to say a lot about Gtalk client … But my most beloved new functionality is Application Installer.

    App Installer is just a frontend to regular software management system called APT, and it is originating from Debian… not my favorite SMS but still it does the job. Users of real operating systems like Linux, *BSD are spoiled by management systems. If you do not know what is this and how it works, you have probably lived in a cave with Windows.

    Just added most of the repos from Maemo Wiki and now hassle I am able to install most of the available software , with a touch of a button. No looking for applications websites, no looking for dependencies ( 2005 was lacking that part ), just one place to find them all. Love That!

    As I have mentioned, I have not checked what software was created for N770, for long time. Today I have discovered missing App. Glurp, the MPD client , which works! If you are some music addict, like me, and you have MPD running on some computer for 24/7 … this app is a real gem. It turns your N770 in to really expensive remote control 😉 with all the features of “big computers” clients.

    So my favorite apps for N770 are :

    • Fbreader
    • Glurp
    • Password Safe

    All other are just useful from time to time… and Application Installer in its new incarnation will be very useful from time to time.