• On Asterisk and On VPN

    by  • 25th June 2007 • Uncategorized

    Loads of stuff, happens now.

    I have setup an Asterisk installation on my server, it is still work in progress and so far, I love it! Why I didn’t checked it out earlier?

    So far, I have a few SIP users, and a few PSTN gateways in different countries. Started by reading the free ebook available from Asterisk Website. Setup was really simple, had a few bumps, but day on day it gets more interesting, adding more automation, k3wl. This knowledge will be useful at work, where we are going to setup a proper PBX.

    VPN, I have done an OpenVPN installation on my own private network, it works like a charm. Unfortunately at work I had to go with a solution more integrated into MS Windows. I really wanted to have IPSec/L2TP … but the complexity of server setup just killed it. When I was switching from IPSec/L2TP to PPTP it was soooo much easier and cleaner to get PPTP up and running.

    I think that IPSec/L2TP will have to wait and eventually it will be rolled out. I really don’t want to use PPTP for full access to my networks. To be honest, when I came across OpenVPN first time, it also was too much for me and I left it and used SSH tunnels instead. So I think I have to mature with IPSec/L2TP and try to make it work later.