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    by  • 4th November 2007 • Uncategorized

    I am about to change my E61 for something new. I am looking for something what will not be only new but will has more features as well.

    So far I have found that :

    Palm is thinking that Europe loves only Windows Mobile – I don’t! The two of the latest Treos are not showing in EU – these are 755p and Centro. HEY! I want one of these ( actually two! )

    Nokia: E61i would be on my list but it does not feature A2DP what is stupid! E90 has all the features I desire, plus it has a [tab] key on internal keyboard! That is cool,  if you are going to use it for SSH like I have to.  Problem with E90 is price…. probably way over my limit will see when buying time will come.

    Sony-Ericsson  has a new P1i which honestly is at the top of my list, it has all what I am looking for and a bonus – Jog-Dial which I alway wished to have in a handheld.

    Others ? They are doing Windows Mobile only what makes it not for me.

    Maybe you know some gear which has a querty keyboard, wifi/bluetooth(2), voip, 3G, no windows mobile?