• Nokia E61

    by  • 15th December 2006 • Uncategorized

    Recently I bought a Nokia E61 with contract from T-Mobile. Contract is a specific one, gives you unlimited(except you can’t use it with a laptop or to make VoIP calls ) access to the Internet from your phone. I love this bundle, really nice device ( I don’t even miss touch screen ) and total freedom of the Internet access.

    I own a few mobile gadgets , Casio BE300, Palm Tungsten C, Nokia 770, Abacus Palm Wrist PDA and non of them is not as flexible and didn’t satisfy my needs to the extend which e61 does.

    Finally I have access to my email wherever I am, I have always up to date currency conversion tool, weather forecasts, news… all the things that were promised with previous devices are now finally working!  The other thing is software selection, much real life than 770, but not as good as Palm, still enough.

    E61 does not sport touch screen …. as I all my previous gadgets are touchable … I really don’t miss it. Interface design is brilliant! E61 also made me realize that I was really missing thumb qwerty keyboard, TC and E61 both sport it.

    Time to pickup some Symbian knowledge … as I know almost nothing about that OS … I’ve notice that it has IPv6 support so I might even love it 😉