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    by  • 11th November 2007 • post

    I have started using voip systems something like a 3 years ago. First casual for calling abroad as advised by my former boss I have registered with SipGate. First used it with linphone, later actualy bought a hard phone  the Grandstream GXP2000. It was always fun.

    Later I have installed Asterisk server for my self to play with … and this is where the real love for VoIP started.

    At the moment I have local numbers in 3 countries if my family wishes to call me from their regular phones  a few phones around my flat, phones in my parents place, as well as my cell phone can SIP in 😉

    Now I am working on commercial solutions with Asterisk at the center and Grandstream, Sipura/Linksys and Cisco clients. Asterisk is brilliant and strait forward… worse with the clients, Grandstream phones are OK to provision while their gateway is just full of confusions and you do need to know a lot about the environment which it will work in – without documentation, unable to configure. Sipura/Linksys phones have a strait forward documentation for provisioning … but it does not work … use VoIP Info website. Cisco Phones … you do need to dig out some documentation and IRV codes to make them go …

    Why I am writing that ?