• Exim and Dovecot

    by  • 20th July 2006 • Uncategorized

    I am reminding my self about Exim and getting to know Dovecot.

    These are Mail Daemons.

    Exim MTU which I have used in 3rd version, now in 4th is a stranger for me… at least for now.

    Dovecot , and especially its IMAP server is a new thing to me and I am trying to get to know it, as much as I will stand.

    This comes after my comeback to Cisco IOS , when I realised that knowledge, which is not used is vaporizing. My set of tools from workplace is a bit narrow : sendmail, named, and cyrus as main daemons from unix world, what means that I have to play with other stuff on my own server, I need more …