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    Installing OpenSolaris from LiveCD with drivers

    by  • 9th July 2009 • post

    Installing OpenSolaris on HP SmartArray Solaris and OpenSolaris does not include SmartArray drivers, these need to be download from HP Website After that, extract the .pkg directory onto a USB stick Then start the LiveCD, open terminal and type : pfexec touch /ADD_DRV_IGNORE_ROOT_BASEDIR after that install the driver : pfexec pkgadd -d path/to/pkgdir Now...

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    Quake Arena in your web browser

    by  • 7th July 2009 • post

    Arena Live is sooo much better than Quake Live It’s amazing , a while back we heard about Quake Live.  A game, a Quake which you can play for free online. It had a few glitches , hanged a few times, works only on Windows. Still it was some fun. Now, as we know,...

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    ScreenOS with Juniper SSG 20

    by  • 21st May 2009 • post

    I’ve decided that I wish to know some other Network OS than what Cisco can provide. It’s healthy to know more than one environment. I’ve found my self a Juniper SSG 20 which is not that expensive ( comparing to other Juniper stuff , especially brand new ) for training. One thing which I’ve...

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    by  • 18th April 2009 • post

    Recently while looking at one of ads on my site I’ve noticed that there is a new online game Civony. I’ve signed up a few days ago and I’m still expanding my lands. What is a good sign that game can be entertaining. Good thing about it is that it’s real time so you...

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    LateX – not MS Word is for writing

    by  • 17th February 2009 • Uncategorized

    It’s a great feeling when people use right tools for the job, especially that it is you who recommended and patiently convinced that they should not eat crap like all the flies do ( just because there is more of them, following the crowd ). So, why am I writing that ?

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    1234567890 Unix Time

    by  • 13th February 2009 • Uncategorized

    The 1234567890 seconds from the beginning of Unix Time have passed js@dell ~ $ date +%s 1234567876 js@dell ~ $ date +%s 1234567890

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    Munin Plugin for Cherokee monitoring update

    by  • 13th February 2009 • post

    I’ve managed to find some time to get my Cherokee server updated to 0.98.1. BTW, it took a while to have new version appear in the Gentoo portage. Thanks to Alvaro, this update contains improved system_info module, which is now dirt easy to use in Ruby and some other scripting. Using that opportunity I...

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    Some more

    by  • 18th January 2009 • post

    All that festive time is gone. Finally. Craze at work is also stabilizing. Some more of Randolph Lalonde I’ve bought the FirstLight – Omnibus and as Spinwardfringe, it kept me glued to the screen. I really like your work, keep them coming! You can get Freeground on Amazon now. Some more of coding I...

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    Munin Cherokee plugin

    by  • 7th December 2008 • post

    Looked around to find out if there is one already and I couldn’t find any. I’ve created a multifunctional plugin for Munin for monitoring Cherokee server. DOWNLOAD HERE It’s written in Ruby. So far I can confirm that it’s compatible with Munin 1.3.4 and Cherokee 0.11.3 on Gentoo. It gets data from the server_info...

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