• LateX – not MS Word is for writing

    by  • 17th February 2009 • Uncategorized

    It’s a great feeling when people use right tools for the job, especially that it is you who recommended and patiently convinced that they should not eat crap like all the flies do ( just because there is more of them, following the crowd ).

    So, why am I writing that ?

    Because I have convinced my brother, some time ago, to consider LateX instead of OO.org or MS Word for writing his Masters Thesis. It took me a while to have him try it and then find a useable configuration. But now, he is very happy with it and he uses it for all kinds of writing.

    Why LateX is great for writing ?

    It’s because it splits content away from presentation. This allows you to concentrate on what you write and logical structure of it.

    It takes the presentation adjustment temptations away. You write what you want to write and then, when it’s finished, someone works on the presentation ( it maybe you or your publisher ).

    It is not some random presentation, the defaults, if locales set correctly are perfect. They include all type setting rules for your locale. These presentations were set by professionals in type setting field not some amateurs. And on top of that you are free to screw them according to your amateur views.

    LateX can do everything for you, but this comes with an upfront cost. Which is time and some learning – if you consider that a prize not a prize.
    But this little learning curve gives you access to amazing and capable tool. There are great learning sources on the Internet and free books. Have a look.