• ScreenOS with Juniper SSG 20

    by  • 21st May 2009 • post

    I’ve decided that I wish to know some other Network OS than what Cisco can provide. It’s healthy to know more than one environment.

    I’ve found my self a Juniper SSG 20 which is not that expensive ( comparing to other Juniper stuff , especially brand new ) for training.

    One thing which I’ve noticed strait away was the registration process. I simply couldn’t find any link on www.juniper.net which would let me create an account. I had to mistype the user and password and then system suggested to create one!! What on earth?!

    Also access to ScreenOS technical documentation, I really had to dig around to find that gem. But nothing really substitutes a good book.

    I’ve opted for :

    Hope they will give me nice reference point for my trip into the strange world of NOT CISCO Network System