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    by  • 31st January 2008 • Uncategorized

    Virtualization Due to server hardware refresh coming at work, I am investigating routes which we can take, one of the new ones is going virtual. It has couple of advantages like High Availability, and Fail Over which are very important these days ( users complain if their services are not available 100% ) So...

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    Ubuntu the Mac OS of Linux

    by  • 13th November 2007 • Uncategorized

    This was suppose to be a long post describing the differences and similarities of Linux distributions to other software… But I just want to say that you should have a look at Mac OS and Ubuntu, I’ve notice they are bloody similar in their current market and … ambitions. They are both good on...

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    Ebook Reader – but rip off Britain stops me

    by  • 6th November 2007 • Uncategorized

    For very long time I am contemplating to buy an ebook, usually they were extremely expensive ( the eRex ) or didn’t had the MobiPocket® read functionality – Sony ( as I have a collection of ebook in that format I would love to be able to read them on the ebook reader, not...

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    Smart phones

    by  • 4th November 2007 • Uncategorized

    I am about to change my E61 for something new. I am looking for something what will not be only new but will has more features as well. So far I have found that : Palm is thinking that Europe loves only Windows Mobile – I don’t! The two of the latest Treos are...

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    Linux Gnome ALSA and A2DP Headset

    by  • 3rd November 2007 • post

    After years of consideration I have acquired  a Bluetooth HeadSet – finally something what doesn’t screen rob me. Sound quality is decent! There is one but – outdoor, music source has to really close to your headset , there is shit loads of interferences out the in world. Indoors is perfect, I can roam...

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    by  • 24th May 2007 • Uncategorized

    Just installed reCAPTCHA to get rid of spam from comments. You don’t see, but there was a lot of spam comments on my blog. As I have moderation on, they didn’t appear on the site… but it does not mean that they didn’t appear in my inbox. So now, reCAPTCHA will help keep my...

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    Monitoring your systems

    by  • 12th May 2007 • post

    If you ever heard about monitoring systems it was usually some expensive closed source software or the open source package. I have little experience with the first type. For some thoughts about the second type, read more

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    My little CA

    by  • 12th May 2007 • post

    I have been, recently, working with OpenSSL as a mini CA. As it is a great product, does everything with PKI what you need. Even after a while it is making sense how to use it. No problems. One issue, which held me a while was lack of clear information, instructions or interface to...

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    Munin and Bind9 on Gentoo

    by  • 31st March 2007 • post

    I’ve installed Munin monitoring node on my newly rebuild server. I’ve managed to get almost everything monitored. I had to hack bind9 plugin as original delivered name was not intended for Bind 9. I’ve downloaded bind.in and hacked it a little bit. My bind.9 has support for IPv6 clients, views and actually works with...

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    HP Media Vault gets new disk

    by  • 3rd March 2007 • Uncategorized

    Yesterday I have ordered a WD3200YS disk, it’s a Western Digital RE ( RAID Edition ) 320GB disk. Today arrived. Disk is now sitting in my MV and rebuilding volume on to it. So in 7h and 30m I will have a fully working RAID 1. I can already hear my data whisper “yes,...

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