• Flying Katana in Bautzen

    by  • 26th June 2010 • post

    (c) Flug Service BautzenI’m back from Europe where I had a chance to fly Diamond DA20 Katana.

    Aircraft is LIGHT! comparing to PA28’s it’s crazy. Bubble canopy also works great and you can see plenty.

    It was my first encounter with complex aircraft. It has Constant Speed Prop  what means, no throttle but manifold pressure and prop control. A bit more work 😉 but easy to handle.
    Trim! man this aircraft has such light controls comparing to PA28’s that I do not feel any pressure on the stick and trimming accurately becomes impossible!
    Another thing is that this was my first time in German aircraft and yes, all labels and check lists are in .. German, bit weird especially that POH is in English ( what saves my butt a lot )

    This was also my first flight outside UK. They speak German! I was only on Bautzen Info so not much experience with other ATC around, but it hurts. They default to German on everything, even when I’m PIC and speak English they talk back in German to my instructing passenger and he tells me what they said. This is sad. Hope they will get their act together when he is not there.

    Flight was short, only .7h due to aircraft bookings , whole week was booked by one person and I don’t know how, but I  managed to get up in the air between his slots for a short familiarization route around Spree and 3 circuits.  Unfortunately this was not enough to get a sign-off on it, so will need to get back in the cockpit with Mr Buttner.

    This weekend I’m off to AeroExpo UK, lets see what they have!