• PPL Exam Tips

    by  • 30th April 2010 • post

    I’ve passed my PPL Exam and now I’m awaiting to receive the license papers from CAA.

    My journey to actually have it happen was long and I not always made good decisions. Thanks to this I have some tips for future pilots ( this is a reprint of what I’ve sent to one of my friends who is to take his exam at the time of writing ).

    1. Have a flight with an instructor before flying the test! at most 24h in advance, no more.This will keep you fresh and is the most important. Short Nav and some handling. Instructor will pick up on things which one thinks need some refining.
    2. Also have a casual read on PoH for your aircraft as Examinator will ask you a few questions about the aircraft.
    3. Relax, but not too relax, I would not recommend being casual with him/her in the cockpit, better to be on the edge.
    4. Radio, don’t be afraid of it, talk, request, they like to hear that you are using it.
    5. When weather permits higher climb, plan for it and request while still in ATZ/Controlled Airspace.
    6. When flying in vicinity of other aerodromes, request freq changes to them.
    7. Always talk to the closest Radar service, don’t stay with your origin one for too long if there are other closer to your route.
    8. When on approach to final, don’t overshoot it! Doing it twice fails section.
    9. While on glide approach, too high, all flaps, don’t start rapid turns, that’s a fail, wider, not exceeding 30 deg are OK. Side slip ( crossed controls ) is OK as well.