• iPad flying and sceen visibility

    by  • 4th August 2011 • post

    iPad is a great device for flying, however it has one big mishap for cockpit use.  The shiny screen which attracts sun so well that unless properly placed in the cockpit you can see nothing!

    As for years I was using screen protectors for my mobile devices, I though that there has to be a solution to that. What is it? Basically it’s a very precisely manufactured plastic sheet which has hight toughness and transparency  so that you can protect your screen from scratches and still see through clearly.

    A bit of history, I’ve started using in Palm Pilot days and never had a device without one since.  It took me a few attempts to realize that only highest quality protectors are available from Brando. A mail order company from Hong-Kong which specializes in crappy gadgets, accessories and amazing screen protectors.  Initially I was sceptical , Chinease company selling to Europe, plenty of scammers… however after a few recommendations I did purchase my first protector from them and never looked back.

    For most of my devices I was buying the latest “UltraClear” screen protector as it was giving the best colour and distortion free picture you can find. However they also have “Anti-Glare” which as far as I remember pre-dates “UltraClear”.

    For iPad, I’ve purchased the Anti-Glare protector and below you can see the difference :

    There is nothing else to add, just go and get your protector either for iPad 2 or iPad and stop whining about unreadable screen.