• Flying and Mobile Apps

    by  • 4th September 2010 • post

    It is a while since I came up with an idea that I should invest some of my time to develop apps for pilots.

    Naturally, started developing some with me as primary consumer. That’s how very crude version of flightime appeared. It was KISS design, 2 buttons and it was logging my take off and landing times.

    screen shot of flightime

    flightime on N900

    It’s quicker to press a button during these procedures than to write down times.
    It wasn’t released to the big work. I am working on more advanced version of it, will see how much it will take.

    However today I was working on Flight Computer  with decent UI and does what it says on the tin approach.

    screen shot of a flightcomputer app

    FlightComputer on N900

    Application is almost complete , needs just a way to make it full screen and About dialogue. Then just packaging and off it goes.

    It will go strait to Ovi Store and initially for Maemo platform, after that if I will be able to get my hands on some Symbian handsets, I will put it up for them as well.

    On that note, I have registered my company with Nokia Ovi, and FlightComputer will be the first application to be distributed that way. I will hold celebrations until you will be able to get it.

    On futures  side, I have a few other pilot friendly apps in mind. If you have any desires contact me and we will see if I can accommodate them.

    Anyway, time to get some sleep, now makes it about 16h strait in front of the screen.