• back to Americas Army and some CIsco ASA install

    by  • 25th March 2008 • post

    I’ve spent most of the long weekend playing games and working.

    Finally, after around 4 years of having the AA Account ( AAA 🙂 I’ve finished Special Forces training! This gave me access to some neat weaponry in the game. Also unlocked SF exclusive deployments. Most of the time i was playing SF Hospital, but now SF Snakeplains is my favourite. The only training which I didn’t finish is for becoming a Medic.

    I have also lost about 1.5 days over the weekend replacing old Monowall FIrewall with a state of art CIsco ASA 5510 Security Plus. I have some suspicion that current SysOp has a bug in regard to Port Speed. When, you boot the box, ports, which are connected to gigabit start, to glow orange, as they should to indicate 1Gbps connection, but after the system has finished booting, they are back to green, telling me that they are 100Mbps. After disconnecting and connecting back the cables, they are back to orange .. 1Gbps.

    Oh, also replacing the firewall and extended period of time of dis-connectivity caused Windows 2003 DNS server on AD controller to crash in a way that it wasn’t serving any queries any more… that is MS for you.