• Ruby on Rails on Maemo 2008 N810

    by  • 16th November 2008 • post

    I’ve been looking to be able to code a bit of RoR while on the go. From a few devices which I have, N810 has the longest battery run time.

    So… Google gave me a nice How To from Jon Forrent, it talks about N800 but it’s the same.

    I was trying to do all the steps but I just managed to install ruby and sqlite3 packages. After that Gems package installed well but it wasn’t too useful, any attempt at

    gem install


    gem update

    nothing worked, left it over the night, nothing happen.


    Uninstalled the gem package, downloaded Real Ruby Gems in a zip file ( you will need the unzip package ).

    Unzipped the file, went inside the directory. then:

    ruby setup.rb --no-ri --no-rdoc

    wow it installed something, now doing :

    gem update

    told me nothing requires update, great, now lets go with rails:

    gem install rails

    Amazing, installed really quick ( I would recommend not installing the ri and rdoc as well here )

    Just created some test rails app and it works!
    Now it’s time to find a decent text editor for it and client for Mercurial.