• Open Office usage

    by  • 12th June 2006 • Uncategorized

    Ania is writing a dissertation. She knows nothing about text editing, they never taught it in her university. When I had questionable pleasure of being asked how to do something in OpenOffice every five minutes, I have asked her if she can send the file over to me, and I will create some styles for her text.

    What I have received was nowhere to be said ‘pro’ …
    I have spend around 8h or more to remove all the extra empty paragraphs, repeated spaces and finally styling each of the paragraphs, converting formula’a to objects… adding correct captions. Really not the most interesting stuff to do.
    Before sending corrected document back to Ania, I had to explain what I have done, and how she should carry-on editing it. And during that time I have written some useful tips for a newbie, all in Polish ( except names from OpenOffice ). I will try to compile a short and no doubt incomplete tutorial. Just after I will get over with this ‘dissertation problem’.