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    by  • 13th May 2006 • Uncategorized

    If Wii has such a nice controller… will have to definitely test it in a shop before buying. But is it, without a doubt much better approach to human-game interaction, than everything else what I’ve seen, when it comes to default game controller.

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    by  • 26th March 2006 • Uncategorized

    So, this Saturday was kind of OK. In the morning I’ve went to the Mall and bought some food, and DVDs ( The Score – medium , Fight Club – really interesting , KungFu Hustle – really entertaining ) and watched afternoon all of ‘em. After movies session got something to eat ( some...

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    by  • 27th January 2006 • Uncategorized

    does it implement access to Tasks ? I don’t know … if not , there is more to do than I expected …

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    by  • 26th January 2006 • Uncategorized

    Done some research on Evolution with Mono marriage , found something called evolution-sharp , it’s a part of Beagle project. But it doesn’t have any documentation! I think that I prefer undocumented piece of code , over my backup plan: to use a Webdav protocol to exchange data between evo and my tool. webdav...

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    Website enhance

    by  • 30th June 2005 • Uncategorized

    I’ve got an idea about getting my website unreadable in IE. I’ll play with transparency on layers 😉 so it will be really hard to read.

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    by  • 21st June 2005 • Uncategorized

    Do you know any implementation of rdesktop, where I can switch between couple connections, all in one window ?like RDP client on windows embedded in Management Console. Or I’ll have to write it my self… what means that it will be unusable for others ;)… but first I have to finish what I’ve started...

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    Analog @time

    by  • 8th May 2005 • Uncategorized

    Was thinking about getting @time incorporated to analog clock 🙂 an got an idea : Some notes to it : Internal cross should show for example with colours daytime 🙂 and should depend on timezone so every body could see which part of day is which @. I’m imagining some cool ideas how should...

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    Gnome Applet

    by  • 15th October 2004 • Uncategorized

    I have an idea about great applet for Gnome, an Applet from Which I would be able to send a msg, of a file to my Palm. I have two concepts : – using OBEX and IRDA, but can’t be used thru Wifi which i preffer, but it’s just one app, but I don’t...

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    Music Player done

    by  • 17th August 2004 • Uncategorized

    not in 100% but close 😉 http://www.mobygeek.net/tmp/mpltyl.jpg as you see there are no buttons 😉 and thats all… there is linux slackware 9.1 on CF card 32MiB es1371 sound card and PCI ne2000 NETWork card with 24 MiB of RAM, and 120MHz Pentium 😉 HD44780 2×16 LCD display 🙂 and CPU usage on 30-40%...

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