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    by  • 11th June 2006 • post

    I just do not like when perfectly working system is “upgraded” to not working. Today I have upgraded my X.org X11 to 7.1 and … my Fglrx drivers stopped working. Does not matter which version, it just does not work due to binary incompatibility between modules and X11. crap! I had to merge f86-video-ati...

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    by  • 7th May 2006 • post

    Following some post on the web, I was interested in munin. After some fights with perl, and almost giving up! Got it somehow working on my home server. Which recently was as well relieved from routing packets 😉 thanks to my new Linksys WRT54g. Munin is prety good tool for graphs. It is using...

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    Job JOb joB

    by  • 14th October 2004 • post

    So, as usual I’ve aplied to couple of “normal” companies, and… Today I have aplied to IBM, and BT graduate programmes. My parents are back home, and father was joking like “so, now you driving a jaguar ?” 🙂 but i don’t have a jaguar… yet 😉 Almost all afternoon I was talking with...

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