• Broken Finger Sling

    by  • 9th October 2016 • post

    Yesterday, I was shooting with my new looped sling.

    It looked like that

    Notice clear plastic shrink wrap, under the plastic the sling end is glued with some adhesive.

    After 30 ends that adhesive let go and my bow went tumbling down on the floor. Sad and painful moment.

    I was thinking about going back to my previous sling which looks like a bow  tie, however, I really like how the new sling self-tightens around finger when you apply pressure to it.

    Decided to repair the new one.

    I have first used heat to soften ends and pliers to hold them and get the plastic strands to bond to each other without using glue. This created strong hold, after applying 5kg pressure it didnt budge.
    For additional safety I have sawed loops with a thread, in case melting bond fails.

    And on top of that I used electronic insulation shrink wrap, its much softer and grabs the bond much stronger.

    Let’s hope that my bow will not have to survive another fall.