• Last few days

    by  • 23rd May 2006 • Uncategorized

    I have had a bad Saturday, due to food poisoning. I was sleeping for whole day on sat.

    Sunday, with just uncomfy feeling I’ve spent day on shopping ( just food – sometimes happens ) and watching movies.

    Tried to watch Oliver Twist, but it did not keep me for long. Then I’ve seen great movie by S. Spielberg Munich, really, really nice movie. But after that I placed a DVD with Crash in to my player… and this movie just made my day night. Amazing, if world is so freaked out as presented in this movie… it is just stunning.

    Metal Gear , Metal Gear, I have forgot how great fun card game can be…. Before starting with movies on Sunday, I have spent few hours playing my AC!D 2 … After finished with game … I have realized that I am still thinking in turns… weird stuff.