• Ben, Phone, Cinema

    by  • 20th March 2005 • Uncategorized

    Ben is leaving for Bonn next weekend 🙁 Yeah, another friend going out of London. Not good…

    Yesterdays afternoon all spent with Ben. 🙂

    We went for sushi 🙂 and also had a Bento Box (IIRC) 🙂 Good, I was surprised that I can have a raw fish :), when I really do not prefer having any kind of fish ( the smell is ugly for me ), and here me eating a raw Salomon 🙂 mm…

    Also went to Virgin Store, to check how good is Ben when it comes to piano :), we had some fun changing the type of an instrument sound. And this is where I’ve lost my phone :(… half an hour later I realised that, and the Hunt began … after couple minutes … go it, some people from bar in basement got it 🙂 I was so happy ;).

    After Virgin we went to Odeon to watch a movie. “Constantine”, the best part of the movie : Lucifer ;), and when going out, somebody summarised the movie : “Have you noticed that Americans think that a Mexican will destroy the world :)”