• Fancy Linux desktop aka AIGLX

    by  • 12th November 2006 • Uncategorized

    When I was performing emerge  -ud world recently on my vaptop, I have noticed that the new xorg server, which was to be installed has a new USE flag, the aiglx … quick ^C and edit on /etc/make.conf has switched that feature on.

    After updating system, I’ve added compiz to my installed software collection, and started to read on how can I get my eye candy on the screen. Google for gentoo aiglx and you will get Howto which I have used to set everything up … there was one glitch which was preventing me from seeing anything except white colour and what is worst I couldn’t find any solution for that. This white colour, which appeared instead of my windows was simply due to 3D objects lacking textures.

    Now when you have that kind of appearance on your desktop , look no further than MESA … quick emerge mesa fixes the issue. Enjoy this nice eye candy  working … except that after that I have broken my cube configuration and it doesn’t switch my desktops … plane is a bit too plane and I will have to reset my cubes configuration, but how? . eh