• FR 8547 Ryanair

    by  • 17th July 2011 • post

    Just came off a flight from Berlin to London

    On approach to STN, sudden go around; climb, flaps, slats, landing light do not go out after prolonged climb, me thinks, hm…

    Something wrong, captain comes on PA, flap failure…

    I can see some fluid dumping from the wing, initially – thought that it’s jet-a

    new aproach… More liquid , strange, intensifies in bursts… Well finally can see airport, blue lights flashing, they are preparing for worst… Touchdown, really fast, breaks, spoilers, reverse thrust … We are slowing down, not much, looks like we passed the second touch down markers… Still rolling… Oh, stop, great, safe on the ground

    This reminded me of my Monday, I haven’t blogged About it yet, but we had EFATO in EDFH