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    Flying with iPad – how to immobilise it

    by  • 30th May 2012 • post

    I’ve started flying with my iPad properly mounted on my leg. Previously I had it loose in the cockpit, usually in the back pocket of passengers seat. Easily accessible, but not always, as I had to stow it in critical portions of the flight.

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    FR 8547 Ryanair

    by  • 17th July 2011 • post

    Just came off a flight from Berlin to London On approach to STN, sudden go around; climb, flaps, slats, landing light do not go out after prolonged climb, me thinks, hm… Something wrong, captain comes on PA, flap failure… I can see some fluid dumping from the wing, initially – thought that it’s jet-a...

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    Wondering around AeroExpo 2011

    by  • 21st June 2011 • post

    So last Friday I’ve decided we are going to AeroExpo 2011 in Sywell ( some village in a middle of England ) . It was a bit smaller than 2010 in Wycombe and was missing Cessna. However Beechcraft was still there with their amazing aeroplanes, so was Diamond, as well as Piper ( why...

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