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    Ansible Module Development – parameters

    by  • 16th February 2016 • post

    Some time ago, I have started writing a lot of ansible modules. As well as started providing  lightweight docker image. Things like Marathon, Chronos, or Consul needed love, which I given them. Quite recently I have been tasked to work on Azure platform and I have noticed that it will again need my love....

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    Persistent sequential Puppet

    by  • 19th February 2013 • post

    How damn annoying it is to try to get puppet agent to run in a predictable manner, not overloading master server. Scenario : puppet agent gets to run every X minutes, we use cron to fire it up ( puppet agent –onetime ) cron is managed by puppet, naturally Now if you do lets...

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    Flying with iPad – how to immobilise it

    by  • 30th May 2012 • post

    I’ve started flying with my iPad properly mounted on my leg. Previously I had it loose in the cockpit, usually in the back pocket of passengers seat. Easily accessible, but not always, as I had to stow it in critical portions of the flight.

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    OpenIndiana VirtualBox and NFS

    by  • 19th September 2011 • post

    I have a server called host. It hosts my NFS shares as well as a couple virtual machines using VirtualBox. Recently I had a relapse of NFS performance issues, which basically made it unusable as NFS server.

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    host refreshed with OpenIndiana 151

    by  • 8th August 2011 • post

    Since the opensolaris.org vanished I was left wondering, what I’m going to use for my storage/vm server next. Fortunately Open Indiana raised from the OS ashes and world was bright again for my server.

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    iPad flying and sceen visibility

    by  • 4th August 2011 • post

    iPad is a great device for flying, however it has one big mishap for cockpit use.  The shiny screen which attracts sun so well that unless properly placed in the cockpit you can see nothing!

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    iPad and Flying in Europe

    by  • 26th July 2011 • post

    For my Euro Trip which I have planned with Ivan Horsky I’ve decided to purchase an iPad 2 to help us with planning and flight tracking. The original idea was that we are going to fly around europe in a PA28 which has just a single GNS430 and having a second GPS/Moving Map device...

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    Long Stay at Hahn and G-OCCK in pieces

    by  • 25th July 2011 • post

    After 3 days of waiting we had an engineer come over from Bournemouth to fix the plane. Even when there is Diamond Industries HQ 100km away, the maintenance company wasted 3 days of our life and didn’t get us anywhere. The engineer started work minutes after arrival 10am . First he took off the...

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    flightComputer Update

    by  • 29th June 2011 • post

    I’ve updated the flight computer to version 1.0.2. It irons out issues with incorrect ground speed reported. If you have not seen version 1 before it also features dynamically updating fields, no more clicking “calculate” to get the numbers. I can’t remember if I’ve released before version with working distance to time converter, well...

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