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    LinuxWorld Expo 2005

    by  • 7th October 2005 • Uncategorized

    Been to Linux World Expo 2005 in London, Have some blurry photos. Met Michael Meeks at Hula stand, Also talked to Most of .Org Village people. also had a chat with Sun about their new entry level Servers ( X400, and X2100), new Opteron Ultra 20 workstation. After Expo, Lonix had a meeting in...

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    by  • 2nd November 2004 • Uncategorized

    Today I had appointed an interview with Atticmedia ltd. , tommorow will know if they want something more with me. I’ll not comment it till then. Bought David Gray – White Ladder album, its ,,This years love” rox, the whole album is great, but that song just rox, I love it. For you, who...

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    by  • 18th October 2004 • Uncategorized

    No, I’m not sleeping, but I’ll try, OK ? Day as usual, nothing iteresting maybe a response to my “hi” on lonix mailing list from some Czech with great number of advices, thanks man. Watched : Hero Also talked with parents.

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    LinuxWorld Expo UK 2004

    by  • 10th October 2004 • Uncategorized

    Hey it’s high time to write something about it. I was too lazy to do it earlier. I went to the LWEU’04 at 11am or 10, i don’t remember now ;). So thanks to the Tube, I was there at 12. My first tought was “oh, my, smaller than infosystem :(“. But after that...

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    Linux Expo UK 2004

    by  • 2nd October 2004 • Uncategorized

    Thanks to LONIX I will not miss that expo, and big thank for that notice about free entrance, so now I can do it without spending money. A little history of expos which I’ve visited : – infosystem 2001 – infosystem 2002 – infosystem 2003 as you see, not much, and all based in...

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