• LinuxWorld Expo UK 2004

    by  • 10th October 2004 • Uncategorized

    Hey it’s high time to write something about it. I was too lazy to do it earlier.

    I went to the LWEU’04 at 11am or 10, i don’t remember now ;). So thanks to the Tube, I was there at 12.
    My first tought was “oh, my, smaller than infosystem :(“. But after that I started to hang around, and I found Veritas, first exposition which was interestingo for my. I’ve asked about their netBackUp systems, but I was told that the guy left for lunch, I’ve grabbed some CD titled “All about our products”, and went to sybase. In meantime some lady gaved to me a knife for envelops. At sybase, I collected a cd with Enterprise level database (evaluation), and a note, where I can find their free version of SybaseDB.

    After couple of minutes, I’ve reached Community standboxes, I’ve found the guy from Lonix(and Turtle Networks) little small talk, and I’ve gone to Novell exhibition, collected a freebie Water ;), and asked about eDirectory, and… there was nobody who could help me 🙁 I was asked to “check on the web”.

    The HP box was equiped with formula 1 simulator buit in the car. I was watching it for a while, but never tried. On their box, was also little presentation about RedHat network, and while we was waiting for the begining, I won friesbie 😉 and collected a pen.

    Sun, yeah I saw the Java Desktop with that new 3d interface 🙂 wow, looks great, but i think that it is useless.

    I was hanging aroud for 30 min, and collecting freebies. But after that, I had nothing to do, so I went to met, and stay with Duncan(Lonix guy). We were talking, a some guy asked , we’ve answered, and when Expo was closing, all the crowd went to the pub 🙂

    My freebies :
    – pen from HP
    – pen from Novell
    – water from Novell
    – lolipop from Novell ( yeah, novell had bigest box )
    – frisbie from HP
    – lanyard ( some certification company )
    – peanguin

    Not freebies :
    -sticker “Gentoo Inside”
    -mug “Gentoo”