• Monday

    by  • 2nd November 2004 • Uncategorized

    Today I had appointed an interview with Atticmedia ltd. , tommorow will know if they want something more with me. I’ll not comment it till then.

    Bought David Gray – White Ladder album, its ,,This years love” rox, the whole album is great, but that song just rox, I love it. For you, who don’t know where I buy my Music go to All of mp3, It is legal with russian law. So this album was for $.6 , yap cheap, and it’s in ogg if you want, lots of formats to choose from.

    Did some fixup to My Photo gallery script, I hope that it will make cookies useful now.

    I’m getting tired with this fcuking system, it’s respo is so slow, that i’ll consider going back to to check if it’s 2.6.9 issue

    had long ‘small talk’ with charles , invited him to Lonix party , which is on wednesday